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The Honeycomb Hub: a hive of activity nurturing the community, a place where everyone is welcome and no-one feels alone.

We are a family centre founded by 2 sisters, Abigail, a primary school teacher, and Phillida, a fitness instructor. We want the Honeycomb Hub to be a point of contact to find information regarding all aspects of family life, a place where you can bond with your child through different play opportunities, somewhere to workout or simply to have a cold drink and a moment of peace while your children play.

Why would 2 sisters living in Botswana & England decide to leave their jobs and open a family centre in Botswana? It all started in August 2016 when we were all in Botswana for Phillida’s wedding. Asking around, even people we met at the parks, if there was a role play area, drop-in toddler classes or even just an indoor play area we could go to their response was: not that we know of, but we need that! You should set one up!

The idea was great, making it a reality has been trickier, especially when the idea grows! We want to support pregnant women, new mothers and growing families. Researching what could be most beneficial to the community led us to the discovery that there is a large Downs Community of young adults who cannot find employment; that there are few groups suitable for children with sensory processing issues and that new parents struggling with the challenges of parenthood don't have a free hub to turn to.

So what does the Honeycomb Hub offer?


We are run by a qualified primary school teacher with over 10 years experience (who is also a mother of 2 young boys) and a personal trainer who specialises in pre- and post-natal fitness.


Our site comprises of Tiny Town, a relaxed seating area, free tea and coffee, a book corner and play area and The Studio (our barefoot studio) offering fitness and different activities and classes for parents and children.

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A bee@honeycomb is a weekly blog written by the directors of the Honeycomb Hub. They post about the centre, children's activities and life in Gaborone.

Abigail Burkett
Managing Director

  • Qualified primary school teacher with 10+ years experience
  • Mother of 2 young,  boys

  • Packleader for 2 young dogs

  • Likes stories, messy play and chocolate

Phillida Mclaggan
Fitness Director

  • Personal trainer specialising in pre- & post-natal fitness

  • Packleader for 2 young dogs and 1 mischievous cat
  • Likes dressing up, helping people get fit and chocolate