A chance to get creative, brighten someone's day and join in a city-wide game of hide and seek!


Join the fun, it is very easy to do and will hopefully spread some happiness around Gaborone!

1. Decorate a stone and write Gabostones on the back

2. Hide the stone somewhere public (and safe) for someone else to find and brighten their day

3. If you find a stone, take a photo and post it to the Gabostones facebook group so we can see where they’ve travelled. Then it is your choice whether to keep it or re-hide it somewhere new.

Suggestions for how to decorate:

Sharpies or permanent markers work really well but you can also paint them. Covering with a varnish will protect them in all weathers such as a spray on varnish or even a clear nail polish.


Where to hide?

Please make public places such as play areas, malls, around housing estates, up Oodi hill, Kgale Hill, Bull & Bush– anywhere people may see them However please make sure they are safe and not a trip hazard.