- Rugby for parents & tots

Rugbees is a 30 minute rugby structured play session for boys and girls aged 18 months - 5 years that combines coordination, ball skills and learning to play as a team. It takes place on Saturday mornings at Action Sports at the Bull and Bush.

Children will develop their ball skills while also practicing their numbers, counting colours and shapes.

Rugby specific skills:

  • finding a space,

  • holding and running with the ball,

  • passing the ball backwards,

  • scoring a try

  • converting over a (miniature) try post.


Introducing children to sport and activity at a young age encourages them to get excited about exercise inspiring an active and healthy lifestyle from a young age.


Supporting your child's development

There are many benefits of ball play to child development including improving hand eye coordination and helping to master gross motor skills.

Many of the activities performed during a Rugbees session involve crossing the midline which is important to development on both a physical and cognitive level. Crossing the midline will help the left and right side of the child’s brain to communicate bilaterally allowing both sides of the body to move in coordination. When the dominant hand spontaneously crosses the midline it develops fine gross motor skills that it will require for everyday proficiency such as handwriting.

Social skills are also developed through Rugbees play sessions. Children learn to listen to instructions and respond to the whistle as well as developing patience when taking turns, following rules and showing good sportsmanship, all of which are positive social traits.


P50 per child


When: Saturday am

Venue: NH Church, Phakalane

8.30am: 18 months - 3 years

9.30am: 3.5 - 5 years

Cost: P50 per child

Booking essential!

Phone 74764822 or email

Your Rugbees

Bespoke sessions available for nursery or school groups.

Contact the coaches to discuss your group's needs, prices and availability.

Phone 74764822 or email